PaintSupreme 3D

Paint in 3D using best quality brushes. Animate. Apply Realtime Effects and Materials. Try it out @

Web Apps - The Future

Full featured. Amazing speed. There is nothing you cannot achieve with

Light and Shadows

Place light sources which interact with depth / bumps in your images and create complexity and shadows.

Realtime Effects

Apply realtime effects to layers, text and vector objects.

BrainDistrict: Our Vision

Creating full-featured desktop like multimedia applications for your web browser. Our web applications compete with native desktop apps in startup-time, performance, features and ease-of-use.

"The future of multimedia is in your browser."

How does it work ?

Our products are based on an Open Source Framework called Visual Graphics written by members of our team.

Visual Graphics is entirely based on JavaScript and uses WebGL extensively, enabling realtime performance for web apps and allowing for complex, great looking user interfaces. The web browser is one of the most tested and stable delivery platforms for applications ever created, Visual Graphics takes the next step and enables desktop multimedia applications.

The first of a kind - Our first product based on Visual Graphics is a full featured painting application. But not only that, it supports painting with depth and renders your brush strokes in 3D - in realtime. Layers are arranged on a timeline which allows you to animate and transform content and create sophisticated GIF and WebM animations. Realtime effects can be applied to your timeline to spice things up.

And as it runs in your Web-browser, you always automatically have the latest version, we update it with fixes and new features several times a week!

Future Products

We are working on a complete range of browser based products, including a new version of our 3D editor and renderer RaySupreme which we will introduce later in 2017.

RaySupreme DF will be able to edit and render mathematical and fractal objects via distance functions (DF). Stay tuned for further announcement on this exciting new technology project shortly!

Subscription Based

Our products, like PaintSupreme 3D, are subscription based. As we update our applications very regulary, subscriptions reflect this dynamic development model best. There is no v1 or v2, it's an continous process of new features being implemented.

The yearly subscription fee for is as low as 12 Euros a year, that is a Euro a month!
You can buy a subscription token here on our web site.