Material-Z v0.94 Released

Material-Z v0.94 Released

We just released the Web and Desktop versions of Material-Z v0.94. 

New Features

Patterns (all are tileable and shapeable)

  • New Basket Weave pattern.
  • New Checker pattern. The checker pattern rotates every second tile by 90 degrees, making it very usable for tiling. See the Marble example below.
  • New Decor Tiles pattern.

General Patterns

New Marble pattern for generating marble like veins.


New high quality, tileable Perlin noise and fBm from Fabrice Neyret.

User Interface Changes

We removed the feature to share utility nodes. Being able to share Materials (and their nodes) should be enough. The node sharing ability confused a lot of users.

Improved Materials

Marble Tiles, Decor Stone Tiles

Paint / Images

Added some tileable pattern images kindly provided by Cesar Correa Lopez.


    New tutorial for creating marble tiles can be found here.

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