Material-Z v0.95 Released

Material-Z v0.95 Released

We just released the Web and Desktop versions of Material-Z v0.95. 

New Features


  • New 'Cut and Project' pattern which creates procedural and customizable mosaics. Example.
  • New procedural wood pattern. Perfect to inject into your favorite shapeable pattern. Example.
  • Patterns now support a 'Probability' property which can be used to skip a certain amount of cells inside a pattern. Useful for example for skipping tiles, like in this example. Example.
  • New 'Noise Hole Mask' which create noise based shapes for masking.


Some major performance improvements in the texture preview when working with larger materials.

New Inbuilt Chat Functionality

You can now directly chat with us using the new chat button inside the Web version of


And as always many smaller bug fixes and improvements.

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