PaintSupreme 3D Update - Transforms and Animation

PaintSupreme 3D Update - Transforms and Animation

We released an update to today.

The main focus for the update is on the transform tool and how PaintSupreme 3D handles animation.

Transform Tool

The transform tool is now able to transform multiple layers at once (multi-selection via the SHIFT key).

Also, you can now transform text layers right inside the transform tool as well.

Animation Mode

PaintSupreme 3D now has a new animation mode. In animation mode keyframe based animations are previewed on the working canvas, but if animation mode is enabled, you cannot use any tools on the canvas.

When scrubbing or playing the timeline animation mode is enabled temporarily and switched off after 1 second after you stop scrubbing. You can also turn animation mode on by hand using the new icon switch in the toolbar.

I hope you like this update. We continue to work hard to bring PaintSupreme into v1 soon.

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