BrainDistrict: Our Vision

Creating full-featured desktop like multimedia applications for your web browser. Our web applications compete with native desktop apps in startup-time, performance, features and ease-of-use.

"The future of multimedia is in your browser."

PaintSupreme 3D

The first of a kind - is a full featured painting application. But not only that, it supports painting with depth and renders your brush strokes in 3D - in realtime. Layers are arranged on a timeline which allows you to animate and transform content and create sophisticated GIF and WebM animations. Realtime effects can be applied to your timeline to spice things up.

RaySupreme DF

RaySupreme DF is an easy to use 3D modeller and renderer based on mathematical distance functions.

By utilising state-of-the-art mathematics everybody is able to assemble and render complex 3D scenes. No complicated mesh editing is needed.

Assemble your objects based on primitive building blocks. Group them to build your scene, apply powerful transformations and deformations and apply great looking PBR materials. Render with the inbuilt path tracer.


2nd of May 2017 - New Tutorial Introduction to Distance Functions.

2nd of May 2017 - First RaySupreme DF alpha released. Head over to RaySupreme DF and feel the power of mathematics. This is an early alpha with missing features and functionality.