Effective January 1, 2012

What does this privacy policy cover?

This privacy policy describes the privacy practices of BrainDistrict's websites, products, online services, and applications that include a link to this policy.

What information does BrainDistrict collect about me?

Registration and customer support

When you register to use a BrainDistrict website or application, or contact us for support, we collect information that identifies you. This may include your name, company name, email address, or payment information. We may also collect other information that does not identify you, such as your profession or age. Some of this information is required and other information is optional.

BrainDistrict websites and applications

We collect information about how you use our websites and applications. We may collect information that your browser or device normally sends to our servers when you visit a BrainDistrict website, or when a BrainDistrict product feature takes you online. For example, your browser or device may tell us your IP address and the type of computer and browser you are using. When you visit a BrainDistrict website, your browser may also give us information such as the page that led you to our website and/or the search terms you typed into a search engine that led you to our website. We may collect information about how you use our websites and applications by using cookies and similar technologies, and our servers may collect similar information when you are logged in to the website or application. Depending on the website or application, this information may be anonymous or it may be associated with you.

Online advertising

BrainDistrict advertises online in a variety of ways, including displaying corporate and product ads on websites and in apps. We collect information about which ads are displayed, which ads are clicked on, and on which web page the ad was displayed.

Buttons, tools, and content from other companies

BrainDistrict websites and applications may include buttons, tools, or content that link to other companies' services (for example, a Facebook "Like" button). We may collect information about your use of these features. In addition, when you see or interact with these buttons, tools, or content, or view a BrainDistrict web page containing them, some information from your browser may automatically be sent to the other company. Please read that company's privacy policy for more information.

BrainDistrict social networking pages

BrainDistrict has its own pages on various social networking sites. We may collect information when you interact with our social networking pages.

How does BrainDistrict use the information it collects about me?

We use the information we collect about you in a number of ways, such as:

  • Providing you with the websites and applications for which you have registered
  • Providing you with any services, support, or information you have requested
  • Better understanding how our websites and applications are being used so we can improve them
  • Diagnosing problems in our websites and applications
  • Sending you information about new releases, special offers, and so on
  • Conducting market research in order to improve our products and services

How does BrainDistrict use cookies?

We use cookies to make our websites and applications work, and to learn more about our users and how they use our products.

Does BrainDistrict share my personal information?

BrainDistrict NEVER shares your information with any other company, except:

  • when needed to support our business, such as for customer support or product sales
  • when required by law, such as a court order

We may share or publish aggregate information that doesn't specifically identify you, such as statistical information about visitors to our websites or statistical information about how customers use our applications.

Is my personal information displayed anywhere on BrainDistrict's websites or applications?

There are several places on BrainDistrict's websites and applications that allow you to post comments, upload images, or submit content to share with others. You may be able to limit who can see what you share, but there are some places where what you share can be seen by the general public or other members of the website or application. We urge you to be careful about what information you share. Do not share anything you wouldn't want publicly known unless you are sure you are posting it within a website or application that allows you to control who sees what you post. If you choose to share personal information or a document, the terms of this privacy policy will not apply to any information shared. Please note that when you post messages on certain user forums on our websites and applications, your email address or name may be included and displayed with your message.

To remove content you have shared on our websites and applications, please use the same website or application feature you used to share the content. If another user invites you to participate in shared viewing, editing, or commenting of content, you may be able to delete your contributions, but usually the user that invited you has full control. If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact us.

Is my personal information secure?

We understand that the security of your personal information is important. We provide reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security controls to protect your personal information. However, despite our efforts, no security controls are 100% effective and we cannot ensure or warrant the security of your personal information.

Where does BrainDistrict store my personal information?

Your personal information and data files are stored on BrainDistrict's servers and the servers of companies we hire to provide services to us. Your personal information may be transferred across national borders because we have servers located worldwide and the companies we hire to help us run our business are located in different countries around the world.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

If you have a privacy question or complaint, please email us at privacy@braindistrict.de