PaintSupreme 3D is a new digital painting, animation and effect package running in realtime in your Web-browser.

You do not need to install or update anything. Every time you go to you are working with the latest version. New features are added to regularly.

The yearly subscription for PaintSupreme 3D is 12 Euros, that is a Euro a month! You can buy a subscription token here and it will be send to you per eMail. Once received you can directly enter it into PaintSupreme 3D to unlock it.

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  • Digital Painting - Paint your masterpieces using mathematical brushes, delivering the optimum in speed and quality. Pressure sensitive hardware is of course supported.
  • Paint in 3D - If you enable the 3D features you can paint with PBR based materials and depth (bumps). This gives the images you create 3D attributes which are rendered in realtime, on your GPU, utilizing lights and shadows, resulting in stunning and unique images.
  • Filters and Effects - Apply filters or animated effects to your photos or images.
  • Tools - Full list of inbuilt tools like the Transform, Magic Wand, Paint Bucket and Erasor tools (and many more).
  • Timeline - Layers in PaintSupreme 3D are arranged on a timeline, allowing you to animate every aspect of your project, like for example position of layers or lights.
  • Cloud Enabled - Save your work in the PaintSupreme 3D cloud. Continue working wherever you are. All you need is a Web-brower and Internet.
  • PBR Based Materials - Apply or paint with full featured PBR 3D materials.
  • Lights - Light your 3D scenes using point lights, directional lights, flash lights and cone lights.
  • Animate - Export your work not only as images but also as GIF or WebM animations.
  • Paint Mode - A special paint mode for full screen painting (activated by the TAB key).
  • Competitive - Even though is running in a Web-browser, it is as fast or faster than desktop based competition.